Itchy (born 9th December 1919) is the antagonist in the series Itchy and Scratchy, he is the one who kills Scratchy in most appearences, there is only one known episode where Scratchy wins and Itchy is killed, his ears resemble Mickey Mouse's ears and he is a parody of Jerry from Tom
Itchy and Scratchy

Itchy and Scratchy attempting to kill each other

and Jerry

Itchy was created by Chester J Lampwick in 1919 and starred in Manhattan Madness on his own, Roger Meyers stole the character from Chester without paying him

In 1928, Itchy and Scratchy both first starred in Steamboat Itchy, a parody of Steamboat Willie but Steamboat Willie was 7 minutes long whereas Steamboat Itchy was 32 seconds long


Itchy has only been killed once in the entire series